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Financial domination. The only thing a useless dweeb like you is useful for. Your only purpose in life is to be my walking atm. my money pig. My cash cow. By entering my financial domination webcams room you are submitting to me and admitting that you are not a real man and that you are aware that the only way a superior female like me will even give you the time of day or any of her attention is when you have your credit card in your hand.

You are worthless to me. You have no personality, no looks and no physique to get me hot. And don’t even get me started on your little nothing cock. Nope, I have only one use for you. As my little financial slave. You will be at my beck and call whenever I want you to buy me something. You will deposit money into my bank or check account and you will say “Thank you Mistress” when you do it.

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Or maybe I’ll just make you sit in my live findom cam room after I’ve ramped the price up and ill just sit filing my nails as I ignore you and your credit card gets maxed out. Won’t that be fun? You’ll be my little go-to findom webcam wallet. If I want a nice expensive ankle bracelet, you’ll pay for it. If I want some sexy lingerie to wear for my real man lover, you’ll buy it. And if we want to go for dinner beforehand, you’ll pick up the check.

Nothing pleases me more than to have some pathetic little runt (like you) scurrying around trying desperately to please me by spending all his money.

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And guess what? Being a superior financial domination Mistress live, I don’t give a fuck if I leave you penniless. You could be destitute and be living on beans on toast for all I care. As long as I am living a nice, comfortable life and I am catered for financially then THAT is and should be your only concern. Our femdom cams are full of greedy women waiting to bleed you dry

As a pay pig it is your responsibility to ensure I am always kept in the luxury I deserve and if you need to work 18 hours a day, seven days a week to keep me in clothes, jewellery and anything else I want then that is what you will do.

It is the only way I will even acknowledge your existence and your only hope of EVER getting my attention.

So get your wallet and credit card out the loser, its time to be my pathetic financial domination pay pig.

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